Nano Sky Hunter FPV Pod
The Nano Sky Hunter FPV Pod weights only 6 grams more than the foam stock pod but it provides better mounting
options for the popular FPV Cameras and Popular VTX's. The pod is modular, you will be able to buy different camera
top mounts (side plates) for the main base. Options below

The pod slides in the front and it holds in the back with the the magnet (you need to use the stock magnet). The pod
builds by using the provided screws, that way you can remove the VTX or Camera to replace them if damaged, the
magnet needs to be glued in place (epoxy recommended)

(camera, vtx, antenna and magnet not included)

Base + top camera mount
Optional top camera mount
Shown with optional RunCam HD2 top mount
Easy interchangeable camera top mount plates
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