Version 1: Designed for fpv pan/tilt camera mounts, you can
use a standard size servo or a micro servo with the included

Version 2:
Designed to carry a fixed Mobius camera in the
front and a FPV camera pan/tilt in the back. (mobius location
doesn't show the front foam nose in the video frame)

Securing the pod is up to you, either with a rubber band, velcro
strap, velcro tape, magnets, etc. The pod slides in and it hooks
in the front, but you need to find your best way to hold it down
in the back.

This pod only works on the Bixler 2 (not 1 or 1.1)
Bixler 2 FPV Pods
illustration only
(camera, transmitter, pan & tilt,
servos not included)
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