Antenna Tracker 2017 NEW
Designed to carry your VAS "IBCrazy" Style FPV Antennas (900mhz-1.2ghz) or smaller, Tracker controller, Battery, Receivers, Diversity and video
repeaters. On the sides you can install 2 large receivers, inside has space for a 3S 5200mAh lipo battery or smaller and your tracker controller.

Tilt mount uses a standard size metal gear servo and ball bearings on the opposite side to reduce any friction.

Pan base uses a standard size metal gear servo with a geared system and (3) support wheels helps the tracker stability and pan rotation.
(spare gears included)

The bottom base accepts any tripod using the standard 1/4 -20 screw.

Requires assembly, CA Glue/Epoxy is recommended to put everything together. Glue will put the pieces together and the stainless steel screw/nuts
will keep the pieces in place. Made out of 1/8" high impact ABS.

Metal gear servos INCLUDED
Works with many antenna tracker controllers out there.

The antenna tracker pictured on the left side is the prototype, final version is on the right, reinforced with stainless steel screws and nuts.

(Antennas/Receivers not included)

1 - 2 week lead time
Please email for ordering
Final version Pictures
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