RMRC Anaconda Top FPV Pod
The Anaconda FPV pod is made from 2.4mm laser cut ABS plastic, simple design, lightweight and strong. Provides 2 camera mount options, On
the top rear you have a micro servo hole for FPV pan/tilts or mobius pan/tilts and in the front you have a standard size servo hole for Gopro
cameras, point and shoot or similar. It has enough space for brushless gimbals. Compatible with all cxn camera pan/tilts.

This plane requires large batteries, the FPV pod was designed to give you enough space to put large batteries underneath.
RMRC Anaconda Bottom FPV Pods
Version 1: Provides a standard size servo hole for the new GoPro Pan/ Tilt V1 2015 model camera mount, Mobius Pan/Tilts or any other small
Pan/Tilt camera mounts. Requires some modification to the foam and wood plate in front of the plane. (see pictures) It will include a micro servo
plate for smaller pan/tilts

Version 2: It's a fixed GoPro Hero 3 + FPV camera mount. It can fit a PIXIM or smaller camera, the GoPro will need to be installed upside down
and it slides in from the side of the mount, it will allow you to use external power and the video output port on the GoPro if need it.
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GoPro Pan/Tilt and cameras shown
are NOT included
RMRC Anaconda FPV Pods
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